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tiotricol.ml/map20.php Tolkien has a particular love for Worcestershire, so much so that he claimed that county as home and based the region of Middle-Earth known as the Shire on it.

Full Ingredients

Worcestershire — famous for sauce and an epic novel. Not too shabby. Well, they did. Kind of.

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Back then, pharmacists around the world were known for creating all sorts of tonics, among them Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper, but in England they were looking for something more savory. In the s, Lea and Perrins claim to have come upon a recipe for what would later become Worcestershire sauce, thanks to Lord Marcus Sandys, ex-governor of Bengal, India. Except there are no records supporting the existence of such a person. Numerous guesses have been made about its actual origin—everything from a member of the House of Lords, to a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, to the Chief Justice of India who had brought it back with him as a substitute for curry powder—but no one knows for sure.

Regardless of its origin, Lea and Perrins made a batch of it shortly after getting the recipe. They thought it tasted awful and set the barrel they had mixed it in aside. Then, a couple years later while doing some spring cleaning, they rediscovered the barrel.

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The sauce was a hit, so Lea and Perrins began manufacturing and selling the sauce in and nearly years later, their factory is still going strong. Back to the beginning: Why did they name it Worcestershire sauce? Maybe they loved their county as much as J. Tolkien and wanted it to be world-renowned. Unfortunately for them, Worcestershire is not a trademarkable name, so other companies, such as Heinz, can use it on their bottles.

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And by fun, I mean potentially disturbing. Remember when I said that the first barrel of Worcestershire sauce was aged for years? Well, beyond a couple different types of vinegar barley malt and spirit , molasses, sugar, and salt, the most prominent ingredient is… anchovies. Yes, Worcestershire sauce is in large part aged, fermented fish paste.

In that diary were the contents of the secretly guarded spices and flavorings: cloves, soy, essence of lemons, peppers, and pickles. Worcestershire sauce is incredibly versatile. You can use a sprinkle to brighten up a soup or stew and not risk making it too sweet like you might if you used apple cider vinegar or too fruity like if you used lemon juice.

From classic to creative, here are a few ways to use Worcestershire sauce. Get our Bloody Mary recipe and our Bloody Caesar recipe.

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Caesar Salad Dressing. Get our Caesar Salad Dressing recipe.

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Garlic rush! The sweet-and-sour aroma of this fruit comes through as a strong top note in a whiff of Worcestershire. Legend has it that the first batch of the sauce was commissioned by a British nobleman trying to re-create a flavor he'd enjoyed in Bengal, adding a bit of colonial exoticism to what is basically fish sauce.

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Worcestershire's sharp bite on the tip of the tongue starts with eugenol, an aromatic molecule that's the main component in clove oil and similar to compounds found in nutmeg and ginger. The tangy flavor finishes here.

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Technically called capsaicin , it's a carbon ring followed by a chain of carbon atoms with nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. That structure fits more or less securely onto the heat receptors on your tongue, conning your brain into thinking your mouth is under assault without causing actual damage. The true secret of Worcestershire. The raw stuff stinks like rotting garlic, but when cooked, the taste is oniony.

French's Classic Worcestershire Sauce

Soy sauce, lemons, and pickles might also have made cameos over the years. Straight out of the vats, the vinegar-anchovy-onion concoction is overpowering.

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Water proofs down the pungency to make Worcestershire table-safe and presumably improves the profit margin. Anchovies The base of this classic steak sauce is tiny saltwater fish that have been aged in vinegar-filled wooden tanks for 18 months.

Vinegar This mild acid breaks down the anchovies and lends a tart flavor note. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. We Can't 'Decentralize' Everything! More Stories. The Monitor.