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Hedge Trimmers Wed Mar 30, Fuel oxidation which causes the gunge in carbs etc has virtually nowt to do with ethanol - all fuels even avgas oxidise over time. The rate of oxidation depends in part upon the fuel stability and the type and quantity of antioxidants if any present. Best advice is still to drain fuel systems if possible. Here is the issue with small engines and i've repaired a lot!

Evening comes, remaining fuel and vapour cool and condense, damp night air is drawn into float-chamber and moisture condenses out.

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OK, so you are a good owner, you drain the tank and fill-in fresh fuel. The pilot -jet is already blocked by corrosion If idle is via a pilot fuel-screw, it may respond to screwing fully -in thus punching the obstruction from the jet then resetting to original setting, might just get it running enough to retune to acceptable operation. Those inclined can remove float-bowl, idle screw, main jet Thu Mar 31, My 2-stroke strimmer gets thrown into the back of the shed come Autumn, brought back out in the Spring, cobwebs blown off it, then look to see if there is sufficient fuel in from last year.

If it needs a top up, pour in some 2-stroke oil with a " that'll about do" and fill up, press the primer bulb a couple of times, on choke and away it goes after a couple of pulls.

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Lawnmower Deals - Petrol Lawn Mower Sale, Electric Lawn Mower Sale from Argos, Asda, B&Q and more! HiThis Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawnmower is £ at Robert Dyas, I reckon that's the cheapest price around. Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 32cm Cutting Width. WomenMenKidsBabySchoolToys & CharacterHomeOutdoor & GardenHoliday ShopLife & StyleSale & Offers · FREE Click & Collect · Day Satisfaction.

It's well over ten years old now and never lets me down - no accurate measurement of oil to petrol ratio - but try a similar "maintenance" regime with a Rotax Antagonise no man, for you never know the hour when you may have need of him. My trusty 30 plus years Hayter Harrier started on second pull, still had fuel from last use last year - but, it does sound a bit down on revs. I was just thinking the same as bill about my Stihl 2stroke hedgecutter which is now about 15 years old.

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It gets used intensively for 5 days cutting the hedge around my garden then doesn't get used until the next year. After each seasons use the blades are cleaned then greased. The joints are greased as per manual and any leftover fuel drained.

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Not yet had a problem starting it Regards, SD.. Its generally best to make a hole in the sky Quite so SD.

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Micro SD Cards. Supermarkets Discover which supermarkets are rated best and worst by thousands of shoppers, and find out which supermarket own-label products are Best Buys. If you bang a strimmer on the ground that was not designed in this way, there is a good chance of causing damage. However, shopping for one can sometimes become overwhelming with so many lawn mowers on sale out there. Mulch: Lawn mowers with a mulch option allow you to recycle the clippings back into the lawn to help feed it.

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Please check your model number to make sure you identify the correct part for your machine. Rope 2 metres long.